Forestry Matters

In Georgia, we see the forest for the trees. Because we know they’re more than just leaves and limbs. They’re an essential part of the economic, environmental and cultural ecosystem of our state.

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What Are Working Forests?

When most people think about forests, they picture shady groves or state parks. But in Georgia, it's working forests that are top of mind. Because every year, millions of trees are planted, harvested and replanted, providing millions of Georgians with resources they depend on every day.

Sustainable Management

Working forests are like any other crop – there’s a time to grow and a time to harvest. And through the careful management of this cultivated ecosystem, these trees continue to spread their roots across two-thirds of Georgia.

Mission & Vision

Covering two-thirds of Georgia, working forests are a vital part of our economic, environmental and cultural ecosystem. That’s why we’re committed to raising up the next generation of forestry advocates who will protect those trees and the jobs they support. And by arming these current and future leaders with the facts, we empower them to spread this message – Georgia’s wellbeing is rooted in thriving forests.

Putting Down Roots

To accelerate our outreach, we’re starting three forestry centers that will help us spread the message in three distinct ways – through leadership training, research and public education.

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Leaders & Collaborators

Protecting forestry in Georgia isn’t just the mission of our organization. It’s a responsibility we share with our ecosystem of advocates and supporters.


The leaders who champion our mission every day.

Andres Villegas

President & CEO

Board of Trustees

The day-to-day leaders and trusted advisors who are stewarding our growth.

Ken Stewart

Georgia Institute of Technology

Wesley Langdale

Vice Chairman
President & CEO
The Langdale Company

Jimmy Allen

Pike Creek Turf Farms, Inc.

Dr. Lindsay Boring

J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway (Retired)

Loy Howard

President & CEO
Tanner Health System

Allen Gudenrath

Senior Vice President
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Cliff Pyron

Chief Commercial Officer
Georgia Ports Authority

Benjamin A. Vaughn

Benjamin A. Vaughn, P.C.

Robert Pollard

Pollard Lumber Company

Hugh Thompson

Pierce Timber Company


Organizations who support our mission of connecting Georgia to its roots.